Halfway there……..yup, I’m living on a prayer…and lots of Bolly darrrrhhhhhling!

Well, tomorrow has come around quickly – if you know what I mean! Yup, it’s Fekkin FEC time again!

I have had the best 10 days EVER! Sorted out heaps at home, ok, I had a lovely lady help me and I’ll give her a shout out here as she travelled out of her zone to do so and what a FABULOUS job she has done!Β http://www.organise-your-house.co.uk/ (I’ll come clean, mine is the blue kitchen – when she puts the photo’s up)

I have worked 10 hours flat! I am self employed and wouldn’t have it any other way but it’s at times like this, I feel that this chemotherapy and cancer *stuff*, is just plain down inconvenient!

So, tomorrow marks my ‘half way mark’ – not one to count but I find myself counting now. I also heard that when my next phase starts (I am on FEC-T), which is the T for 3 more cycles from Christmas eve – this is where things go downhill…..steroids are needed the day prior to chemo and they keep you in for a a while under observation, due to the side effects…swelling of the legs (!?), back pain and sore throat…

Thankfully, I am re-reading the book The Secret which my dear friend bought me 6/7 years ago. If you have read this book, you will know that what you think is very powerful and that sends out a message to the universe. So, if I think this is going to be worse, it WILL be worse. I am not thinking that πŸ˜‰ Also from The Secret, see below :


I have realised that the further you get away from your last treatment, the more your taste buds come back! I still need VERY STRONG things…I’m talking GORGONZOLA or nothing!

I went to the gym about 10 days ago…I have now frozen my membership until March! Dog walks instead. A combination of things I believe but yeah, even ‘light’ movement on the Xtrainer for only 9 minutes, wasn’t the brightest of ideas! I ended up with an infection, on anti biotics for a week and a temperature of 38.5 for 2 days!

To my surgeons surprise, my breast has puckered, so on my last visit to her, she did not inflate the implant as it was purple/red and she decided to let the ani biotics do the work. I am due back on 12/12 for her to review. It has mostly been uncomfortable and slightly painful – the implant may just not be agreeing with me but we will review it.

The cording is back and OH Sooooo painful! yesterday had bloods done, injected into vein used for chemo – no blood! More vein damage – let’s hope they have one to use tomorrow because my arm is now BATTERED and I can’t use the other arm for blood pressure or bloods as have had my nodes removed.

Sing a long with me….to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas….’1 bad boob, 2 dodgy arms and hair … almost GONE!’ πŸ˜›

I have lost 40% hair now, using the cold cap. I am ok about it but when more falls out, will need to make some decisions. Here’s a picture to update you of my hair and my sudden love and need for Bolly! I feel on top of the world when I drink it….forget the flowers, bring on the Bolly! <said in my best Patsy voice>

Much love,




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