2nd cycle down!

Well, this is feeling a bit different than last time….

Today is day 5 since #cycle2 on Wednesday, now I did not throw up and I believe that is now thanks to the Emend anti sickness tablet and the Metoclopramide (yes, I know the side effects and was like getting sign off from the Queen for this one but oh so worth it!)

Thing is, now that I have not been sick, the drugs are in me, working, so it’s pure nausea. Of course, I am very thankful that I have not had to speak into the great white telephone and even more thankful that I made it to the SA vs England rugby yesterday! I KNOW right!? If you were a fly on the wall, you would have seen me flopped out on the couch at 6:30pm!

A week after my first chemo, I developed cording omg….the FEC is a pretty strong treatment and damaged the vein, that’s why #cycle2 needed to be through my hand – OUCH!

Week 8 after op (we are in week 10 this coming week), I went to the gym for some gentle exercise – that night, I had a temperature of 38.5 and I have since developed an infection. My surgeon/consultant thinks that yes, it may have been a little soon to be doing the X trainer but is also monitoring to see if the body is rejecting the balloon implant. Currently, the breast is not looking as normal as she would have expected, it’s rather like a really shrivelled Yorkshire pudding when you have opened the oven during the bake..and was purple/red!

Captain Kirk administered the first dose of Lenograstim to the tummy (my tummy that is!), under hospital supervision. He now has to do it for 5 days of the cycle. This increases the white blood cell count. I can feel that it is starting to hurt my larger bones.

Everything tastes rubbish! Only hot Nando’s and chilli on scrambled eggs is my friend!

I am starting to feel like I have been diagnosed cancer. I am starting to feel tired. Very tired at times. My concentration span is not the same, nor is my cognitive response. I need people to read my mind now and not ask too many questions or too much of me. Even me responding a ‘yes’, takes effort as I am probably thinking of something else anyway.

I have a week of things planned then I am distancing myself for a while, this is a conscious decision so that I can focus on what the children, Captain Kirk and myself need, first and foremost. I love everyone who has shown me the warmest, truest affection since my diagnosis and I know they will understand.

Thank goodness we opted for the Animal Dyson, between the dog and myself shedding hair….there is LOADS!

Much love to all of you who are taking time to read this and keep sending me those positive vibes, I sure can feel them!

*mwahs* to you all




7 thoughts on “2nd cycle down!

  1. I actually look forward to your blogs Nicole, they let everyone know exactly how you are feeling and coping, and its such a good thing to share these emotions.
    Cording, omg, I almost forgot about that, I had it too, all my chemo was delivered through the back of my right hand and by the 8th session, it was so difficult for them to find a vein that was still ok, so they put it through a vein in my wrist and that really did hurt!
    I also lost all sense of taste, went right off my food, I survived on fresh cream cakes, (I know, but the cream just made them go down easily!), ginger biscuits, skittles sweets and blackcurrant juice. I developed blisters in my mouth and these things were the only things I could tolerate to eat. Try them, they might help. I also was told my a macmillan nurse to suck on an effervescent vitamin C tablet, they fizzed on my tongue and helped to cleanse it. Your sense of taste will return almost immediately the chemo is finished – something to look forward to, eh? And I remember the loss of concentration very well, im a big reader, I started a magazine in hospital (yes I did say magazine) and it took me weeks and weeks to actually read it, I couldn’t digest what I had read the day before and had to keep going back to it time and time again, lol. I can laugh about it now, but at the time is was frustrating.
    All these things will disappear in time and eventually you will look back on this time and it will seem as if it all happened in the blink of an eye.
    But you are doing so well, staying so positive and getting on with it all. Take the time now and just relax, take up all the offers for help from friends and family and enjoy being with your husband and children and above all, enjoy the festive season.
    Take care of yourself, stay strong. Sending positive vibes your way. (btw, I don’t know if you realise this, but I am your friend Mels, Aunty!)
    Have a wonderful Christmas.



    1. Awww thank you Angela, I do read your replies straight away!
      My friends have been amazing! Thank you for the food tips – I’ll stay away from cream though…I believe the steroids are on the increase and that is not going to help me! Lots of dog walks instead to burn off the blue cheese especially!


  2. My Dear,

    first I am really sorry for all the side effects you are having, but I am also inspired, since I will go through the same path very soon, by you going to the gym and going to watch rugby! I hope I will behave a little like you 🙂
    I love how you were able to express at the same time how bad it can be and how bad treatments can make us feel ( I was on tamoxifen before, so I have a small experience ) and still I could feel your energy and your strength through all of this, I feel like sometimes this is the most difficult part to me.
    Also, when you say that you loved everyone who supported you since your diagnosis… I just think I would like everyone to hug me for a while, and it really comfort me to see that this kind of reaction is common!

    so… many many hugs



      1. You have a perfect timing 😊 I am starting tomorrow my treaments, I feel horrified and relieved at same time… Life is really complicated ! good luck or as we say in italy in bocca al lupo ( to the mouth of wolf ) cross fingers 😘😘😘


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