Chemotherapy : They said it’s rare that you get sick immediately after….

I got sick…immediately after!

I am good now though, a week after my first cycle. On the day though, different story. It went something like this :

4 hours of the session as I am trying the cold cap. I am on FEC for first 3 cycles and T for the last 3. The E in the FEC is just blady awful! *This part of the treatment is manually administered and I believe the T is via the drip.

Apart from the lady next to me – (who happened to be my buddy in the Nil by mouth room on the day of the op) and the older lady across from me, everyone seemed a bit low. Ok, so, granted, there are other better ways to spend your day than in chemo and I don’t know the ins and outs of their diagnosis but you got to work with what you’ve got! That said, they played really bad music in there….Ronan Keating….nuff said. *Bless Ronan though, he lost his mother to cancer and does a lot of work for the charity but my personal opinion is that his music is not suitable for chemo, can’t actually think of when you would listen to Ronan Keating? Louis Walsh may be able to help with that….

Chemo : Nails looked great, left arm produced a beautiful vein (can’t use right arm due to lymph nodes removed) and the cold cap was put on, making me look like a cross between a Mario Kart mushroom and a ninja turtle….you decide..or as my husband suggested, Fortuna from Star Wars!

Got home at 3pm, started feeling nauseous at 4pm. From 5-8pm, I was sick on the hour, then every 30 minutes until 10pm when I got to A&E. I was put on a drip of Metaclopramide (Maxalon) and that took the edge off. They also did an x ray to check. Got home 00:30 and had a great sleep.

I have not been sick since, thank goodness (just nausea but nothing is as bad as that first day)! Captain Kirk went back to the hospital to collect different anti sickness pills and an increased dosage. These have really helped me.

For those going through similar, I will be on Emend for my next cycle (I had requested this in the beginning, based on my uncle who is my second opinion), I am also taking Ondansetron (try and get as much of this as you can, not just the 2 they send you home with), Dexamethasone and Metacloppromide vs the Domperidone (they will supply this but since understanding the difference and personally feeling the effects, the D doesn’t send the message to the brain like the M does in terms of the nausea, so the M is superior to the D).

I stayed in bed for the first 3 days, really needed to – except to collect my late night craving 2 days later, for the hottest Nando’s! Worth it!

I am up and about and resting when I am feeling tired. I am craving anything salty and need hot and spicy – all my favourite things! Salt and black pepper crackers are helping with the nausea and juicing in between with lots of ginger.

I am off to the hospital this morning for my first ‘inflation’ of the breast post op, it’s been 7 weeks already! I am also popping in to see my nurse who I spoke to yesterday as my arm has suddenly started hurting A LOT where the drugs were administered – he said it’s likely to be the E of the FEC….nasty bit that.

It’s all blady ‘Fek’ lol but there are people much worse off than me!



Mario-Mushroom-2-psd75218 turtle fortuna nails coldcap chemo


3 thoughts on “Chemotherapy : They said it’s rare that you get sick immediately after….

  1. aww bless you, im so sorry you have been so sick. I am so impressed by your positivity though, to just accept it and get on with it, dealing with each new obstacle and getting through it. Keep your chin up love. x


  2. You’re being so positive which is amazing but don’t forget to allow yourself time to be miserable if you need it – we are right behind you (as long as you don’t come out in that cap in which case we are three strides ahead of you pretending we don’t know you!!) xx


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