Today’s the day….

Phase 2 begins…..

I start chemotherapy  in under 2 hours – Just painted my nails, no, I am not vain…hospital orders! Gloss apparently protects the nails….who am I to argue?

I am not nervous – spending an hour in the chemo suite last week helped as I had my bloods done and fitted for cold cap. I had big plans today of starting my learning Spanish, downloading all my favourite music, writing, etc….the way I am feeling now, I may just read and sleep for 4 hours! I am starting to feel tired and I am not even on the drugs yet!

I had a moment yesterday when I wondered if I should look into a Dallas Buyers Club of sorts…here in Surrey….more about that another time!

Need to get my sh*t together….

I’ll update you in the next few days, provided I can keep the keyboard clear of vomit.



3 thoughts on “Today’s the day….

  1. My wish is that you feel better than you thought you would. Chin up, that’s one to cross off the list and in a years time, you will look back and be amazed at how quickly it all went. Love to you and yours. x

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  2. Hope your first session went ok, your blog is so very open and honest and i wish i had something like this to read a few months ago when everything was so horrid. My Mum is a few weeks ahead of you in her treatment. She used the cold cap and has kept the majority of her hair. Thinking of you. xx

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