Mummy’s lump

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The hospital gave me this brilliant book for my son. (Chosen just a few pages here) On Sunday, I laid in his bed and explained what was happening. *He doesn’t know the ins and outs of the mastectomy, he doesn’t need to, he is 7. He know’s that mummy has a bad lump that is being removed.

He is generally a worrier and I could see the concerned look on his face, especially after explaining the most likely effects of chemotherapy – hair loss. I explained that I could wear a bandana or a wig. He said : ‘Not a bandana PLEASE mummy, only people who do karate wear those!’


He also asked me why can’t I ‘just say in hospital until your hair grows back?’ Hmmmm, I sensed the embarrassment so I promised him that I will always wear a wig if I need to come to his school! Not taking it personally, he is 7 but I did explain that he shouldn’t worry about the hair loss, he should focus on mummy getting better.




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