Alway’s wear matching socks and shave under your arms….and read your hospital notes!

To date, I have yet to read all the information provided to me, regarding my breast cancer appointments and next steps. I have seriously just been taking it one step at a time…for several reasons.

If you know me personally, you will know that I usually go 100 miles and hour, doing all sorts at the same time (pretty much like every #multi-taskingmummy, right?) – I promise that I do plan to stop and slow down after this.

Yesterday, I had my sentinel node mapping. Had not read a thing, I made it to the hospital a few minutes before my appointment and walking through the car park, I started reading the reverse attachment to the appointment letter…..SHIT…


I was not wearing matching socks AND I hadn’t shaved under my pits!

I IMMEDIATELY confessed to the guy who gave me my 2 hospital gowns – he laughed and said not to worry…then I felt even sillier because he didn’t need to know THAT – he was only responsible for giving me the gown, not seeing me in it…lawrd!

Confession time again to the lady carrying out the procedure, she laughed and promised not to judge me. I’m no hippy I assured her.

Needle into breast and breast moved around for 10 minutes. I felt so relaxed, almost fell asleep (told you I have been going 100 miles an hour and then some!) It was an MRI type machine and you go under but thankfully, this time facing up and lots of openess and room around you. The machine then covers your chest and pictures/xrays are taken. 

After about 15 minutes, the lady announced, ‘beautiful and clear, I see the node clearly’. I was shown the images after and modern technology is truly amazing!

Had this been back in the day, my understanding is that all your nodes would be removed. I was marked with a pen and taped.

It’s feeling real now….



One thought on “Alway’s wear matching socks and shave under your arms….and read your hospital notes!

  1. This post actually made me laugh Nicole. You wont need to worry about shaving your pits after the chemo starts, cos the hair will just drop out and I for one thought that was great! You can always find a positive there somewhere amongst all the stuff that is happening. Hugs to you. x


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