9th September 2014 – D Day…or is that ‘B’ day?

Shit, fsck, fuckity, fuck….

Sorry, had to get that out. 

I’m ok, really I am. I have hardly slept though. It’s 5:30am (been up every 45 minutes), all I want now is some Nytol…but hey, I’ll be getting morphine later so just need to hang in there. I need to eat something ‘light’ before 7am. 

I did not have a bye bye Boobie party, no time! I have been talking to Boobie in the shower though, saying sorry but as the hours get closer, I am feeling slightly less attached to it as who in their right mind would want to hang onto something in there that will kill them? 

That said, it’s not the Boobie’s fault, so today my friends, as I have not been able to toast with you at a leaving party for Boobie, have a minute silence in honour of my right Boobie at around 1pm today. It’s a 3 hour op – I REALLY hope they give me enough morphine. 

Put your sound on later…;)

See you on the other side……hopefully!




6 thoughts on “9th September 2014 – D Day…or is that ‘B’ day?

  1. Thinking of you and sending hugs. This time tomorrow it will be over and you can concentrate on recovering well. Sounds like you have a great attitude. Stay strong, keep smiling and remember that even the bad days are ok because it then makes you enjoy the good times even more.


  2. I hope you don’t mind me telling you, especially today of all days, but a friend lost two boobies. And although I haven’t seen many breasts in my lifetime when she showed me hers before the reconstruction and after I have never been so amazed. Now, if ever I am in your situation I wouldn’t be as scared as I thought I might. She looked great, more than great. Best still she’s here and she’s happy. Not saying that today won’t be difficult but the future will be ok. Sending ‘gentle’ hugs x


  3. Wishing you the best of luck! It’s just a booby … your health, life and family is more important .. and what they can do now a days in terms of reconstruction is amazing! !! Although far away ill be ‘here’ through out your journey. Btw I was 14 when I had a golf ball size brain tumour removed … good luck my friend xxx


  4. Our family prayed for you this morning. You have not left my thoughts. Setting my alarm to honour your request for a minute silence in honour of your boobie. 2pm our time 🙂 Chat to you on the other side.


  5. Good luck Nicole, everyone is rooting for you, your family, friends and people like me who know what you are going through. Don’t be afraid to look at your body, ( I was to begin with) just focus on the fact, that the cancer will be gone and its all about recovery from this point on. Stay strong. All the love in the world coming your way. xx


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