I’m in good hands….

I feel blessed and grateful to be under a wonderful consultant…who is also my surgeon and will see me through my journey!

Thought I would share a little more about her :

Special clinical interests  : Breast care
Oncoplastic breast surgery
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction and augmentation
Benigh breast problems

Current and past posts :

Oncoplastic breast surgeon, Lead Clinician for Breast Cancer.

She is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon. She is a  Lead Clinician for Breast Cancer and has a strong background in oncoplastic breast surgery.  She studied medicine in London, undertook a BSc and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree.

She has received specialist training and  is a clinical lecturer to breast trainees and teaches on oncoplastic skills courses.

Her clinical practice involves performing the full remit of oncoplastic breast surgery including breast reconstruction with implant and LD flaps, therapeutic mammoplasty and sentinel node biopsy. All her breast cancer patients are discussed at the cancer network MDT at which she is the MDT lead.

She uses  her skills to minimise the cosmetic impact of breast cancer surgery and to preserve breast aesthetics where possible.

Feeling #grateful



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